A Colorado low threatens Northern Ontario with up to 20 cm of snow and freezing rain.


A Colorado low will track through Northern Ontario bringing moderate to heavy snowfall during the afternoon Thursday and into Friday morning. Areas from Fort Frances to Moosonee could see snowfall amounts of 10-20cm. Strong winds up to 70 km/h will cause reduced visibility with blowing snow. As of 6:00pm EST, a special weather statement is in effect for portions of Northwestern Ontario and a freezing rain warning continues for Northeastern Ontario.

Northwestern Ontario

Snow will begin late Thursday and continue through the overnight producing snowfall amounts of 10-15cm.  Strong winds up to 60-70km/h.

Northeastern Ontario

Snow will begin late Thursday with snowfall amounts of  5-10 cm,  changing to ice pellets before switching to freezing rain overnight. Total ice accretion of 5-15mm are possible around the Sudbury area into Timmins.

Wind gusts 50-60 km/h.


Freezing rain expected Friday morning for portions of southern Ontario.

A brief update for Friday morning.

A freezing rain warning is in effect for a large portion of southwestern Ontario. Rain will cross into Windsor - Sarnia areas by early Friday morning. Temperatures across southwestern and central Ontario will be at or below the freezing mark causing rain to change to freezing rain. At this point, eastern Ontario could be in clear for freezing rain, however, a few centimetres of snow is possible as this system moves through the east.

Untreated surfaces may also become icy. Give yourself some extra time during the morning commute tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Colorado lowing bringing snow and rain across Northern Ontario.


A rapidly intensifying Colorado is forecast to track through the Great Lakes Thursday through Friday. Parts of Northwestern Ontario will start seeing moderate rainfall through the overnight hours into Thursday morning. Areas around Dryden, Kenora and towards the Manitoba border will begin seeing snow and strong northeasterly winds.

Moderate rainfall with a brief risk of freezing rain is expected to begin Thursday morning for Northeastern Ontario. Be sure to give yourself some extra time and be cautious of icy conditions. This system will be mainly all rain for northeastern Ontario as milder temperatures surge in. Flooding will be a concern with the melting snow pack combined with mild temperatures and rain. If possible, try to clear any storm drains to help prevent pooling water.